5 indispensable tools for real estate agents and realtors

real estate agent

Here at ImobiBrasil we have worked for almost a decade side by side with real estate agents and brokers from all corners of the country. We know that the realtor’s routine is to do several things at the same time, be it helping owners and buyers in the journey of selling the property, determining customer needs and requirements, performing comparative market analyzes and so many other things.

There are numerous technological tools designed to make our lives and our jobs easier, more productive and better. You already know many of these tools, some of them Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Facebook Pixel and Google analytics.

With the constant development of new software and applications, it is difficult to keep up with all the incredible news available.

Let’s dive into these very useful technological tools for brokers and real estate agents. We are sure that you will find something that will improve your daily life.

1. Site focused on real estate and brokers

What happens if a customer searches for a property in your city? Or search for your name or the name of your real estate company? If you don’t have a real estate website, the best you can do is hope that your social networks are one of the main results.

Having your own website focused on the real estate sector offers a platform to showcase your portfolio and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

By itself having a website provides legitimacy and weight to your business. The general public, especially the younger generations, are more willing to trust your professionalism if you have your own website.

ImobiBrasil offers several website models that are fast, safe and optimized for you or your real estate agent to be found on Google. Get to know ImobiBrasil by clicking here.

2. Dedicated sales funnel for real estate and realtors

You have a sales funnel, whether you know it or not. And when you get to know him, you have a lot more power over your customers’ information.

Each stage of the sales funnel affects consumer behavior and you need to know them intimately. Using the ImobiBrasil system, you can include data on your business and better understand each customer’s buying or selling journey.

Did you see how easy it is to start a customer’s sales journey?

Each business has independent data and characteristics, you can for example at any time and at any stage of the funnel define a business as won or lost

Several functions made especially to help you and your customers!

3. Post creator for brokers

Have you ever thought with just one click having an image ready to post on your social networks with all the important data of your properties?

Creating a social media post has never been easier!

You can choose between different themes, change the background image, configure the layout of the items, change the main color and even edit each element individually if you need to.

Didn’t like some text or need to complement it? Just double-click and edit, it’s that simple!

4. Compatible Properties

Each client has a unique profile and needs, it may be the number of rooms because his family is increasing. Or you may be looking for a two-bedroom apartment with a suite in Vila Mariana, only that your bank has released financing of up to 250 thousand.

Create unique search profiles for each customer!

It starts to be laborious to find the right properties for the right customer when we have several leads starting their buying journey. Thinking about it ImobiBrasil developed the module compatible properties. With it you can in a few clicks find the ideal property, save in favorites those that your client liked the most and even send by email so that he can evaluate.

Want to send the perfect property to your client’s email? With ImobiBrasil this is very easy!

And remember, each client can have multiple profiles of compatible properties! You are waiting for what to start enchanting your customers with increasingly assertive suggestions.

5. TawkTo: Chat tool for real estate and brokers

This is the appearance of the chat that we use here on the ImobiBrasil page. Rest assured you can customize in the Tawk.to panel

Tawk.to is a real-time chat application that allows you to monitor and chat with visitors on your website. So you don’t lose any leads and still create immediate engagement with your customers. Indispensable for any real estate and a broker.

It is so practical and complete that we use it on the ImobiBrasil home page. Speaking completely, you can manage your website visitors in real-time, check conversation history and identify some valuable information about your customer.

Once registered, how to insert it into the Imobibrasil system?

Tawk.to panel screen

To insert the chat tawk.to in your ImobiBrasil system is very easy.

  1. Access your tawk.to the dashboard. Go to it
  2. Navigate to the administration page.
  3. Copy the “widget code” on the right.

Once this is done, just access your ImobiBrasil system:

  1. In the settings menu click on general settings.
  2. When in the general settings screen, click on the SEO / TAGS tab.
  3. Finally paste the tawk.to code in the GOOGLE ANALYTICS field. 

Ready your chat will already be working, if you have any questions when inserting in your system contact our support team.