Agency sales team: how to build yours?

sales team

Building a sales team is a very complex step in structuring a sales process. Especially in agencies, it is important to have the criteria very well aligned to build the best possible team.

Today I talk to many agencies and I have noticed that the commercial is, for the most part, very dependent on indications to function.

Another big problem that happens a lot is that all the work is concentrated in the hand of a single person.

Selling by referral is not so bad. On the contrary, it indicates that people are enjoying your work and therefore talk about it with other potential clients.

But have you ever stopped to think that relying on a third party to get your agency moving can be too risky?

You cannot be predicted s ability on the volume of people who will indicate your solution!

In addition, working alone in the sales area is not predictable either, as you do not have the ideal focus on each of the stages of the sales process.

For this reason, today, Blue World City is increasingly investing in structuring a sales team 🙂

Why have a sales team?

I think everyone here already knows: result and focus always go together!

Therefore, if you want to sell more like that of Capital Smart City, it is extremely important that you have a well structured process associated with a team of professionals specialized in executing it.

Do you agree?

The idea is to work with a well.

Associated with this, it is extremely important to be able to direct the efforts of each professional towards a specific activity and ensure that they are able to deliver the best results in it.

Why not hire a salesperson who does it all?

Think with me: I don’t know if you’ve ever done this in your life, but imagine a person driving and answering a message on their cell phone…

You may have thought it might be okay, but I guarantee that at some point she will either reply to the wrong message or nearly crash the car.

The same thing happens in sales!

When you decide to prospect and close the sale at the same time, of course, you will fail to collect important lead information and may even make a wrong proposal presentation.

This is exactly why there is a lot of talk about team segmentation 😛

This means having hunters and closers too, each with their respective responsibilities and contributions so that your agency can sell more!

But after all:

What are the benefits of working like this?


When prospecting is done directly by your company, whether through an inbound or outbound strategy, you are the one who has control over the volume of contacts you will have to work with throughout the month.

That way it’s much easier for you to calculate your deal flow and know if you’re pipelined to meet your sales targets.

And, if you can’t, you’ll know exactly if the fault lies in prospecting or in some other stage.

This makes it much easier to identify gaps and, from then on, promote improvements and constantly optimize your process, making it more specific and effective.

Best lead generation process

Here, what will define how your lead capture process should work is your goal. Want to increase volume at the top of the funnel or increase your conversion rates?

In both cases, having a specialized team will bring benefits!

In the first one, it will be possible to achieve a higher volume in a lesser amount of time. With this, you will always have many contacts to work with.

In the second, the quality of leads is more important than the volume itself.

Thus, it is even more important to make more specific searches and only then start to gather contacts. And, trust me, this is not a quick and easy task.

In other words, if you have any of these possible problems that I mentioned here, be sure to allocate a person who specializes in smart lead generation 🙂

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Increased Seller Efficiency

An increase in salesperson efficiency can mean an increase in conversion. Why? Because an expert, more efficient salesperson is a salesperson who spends his time doing the most important thing: selling!

Therefore, the union of these benefits generates an increase in your sales!

How to start building this team?

Before thinking about how, know that the key here is to bring together the right people to be part of this team!

Who will define this is you. Therefore, look for people who are aligned with your company’s culture and values, they are the ones who will convey your image to a potential buyer.

As we are talking about a scenario in which, normally, there is no structured sales team, I have selected here 2 main steps to better guide you on how to get your hands dirty and build your team 🙂

Step #1: Recruit, select and hire

We already know our culture and also which professional we are looking for. Now it’s time to publicize this vacancy and attract resumes that have greater synergy with what we need.

Once that’s done, make your first selection and establish which evaluation criteria you will use. Here, my tip is to try to observe the 5 criteria of the Sales Acceleration Formula:

  1. Curiosity: are you interested in knowing more about the processes and learning new things?
  2. Coachability: can you receive feedback, absorb it and promote improvements based on it?
  3. Intelligence: understand complex concepts and can you teach them easily?
  4. Work ethics: how committed is the individual to the tasks he is responsible for?
  5. Previous success: how was your past experience and why did you decide to leave?

Step #2: Train

Here, first and foremost, it’s extremely important that you know that training is a recurring process and that it shouldn’t just happen at occasional times.

So keep in mind that:

Practice is what makes your progress possible!

This will be the key to success for you to become a top-performing professional. So train every day.

Now that you understand the training principles, I want to leave here two tips for you to use in your process:

Tip #1: Role Play

The role-play is the simulation of a real situation, is what will make you more prepared for what may face.

It’s very simple: find someone to be your partner and start the game. Soak up all the feedback from that simulation and improve on the next one. 🙂

Tip #2: Distribute your content well

It’s better for you to consume smaller content and train it more often than to study too much and practice too little!

I say this because according to the Hermann Ebbinghauss Forgetting and Retention Curve:

Just one month after consuming content, the person has already forgotten 90% of it, that is, practically everything they learned if there was no practice.

Now that you know how to build and train your team, I imagine you are wondering if there is an ideal profile for a salesperson…

Let’s talk about it right now!

Is there an ideal seller profile?

As in all other areas, it is difficult to say that there is a profile that is ideal.

However, there are some characteristics that are favorable for the professional to have a good sales performance. Are they:

Feature #1: Active Listening

Here I like to always remember that listening is different from listening.

Listening is nothing more than capturing the sound emitted by something, but listening is effectively understanding what is being picked up by your ears.

The big thing about active listening is knowing how to listen to the information the lead is sharing with you.

This data will be extremely important for you to present a proposal that is truly aligned with the lead scenario.

Trait #2: Empathy

Having empathy is being able to put yourself in the lead’s shoes and look for the best solution to the problem presented by the lead.

Empathizing does not mean agreeing, but it means understanding the context, the logic of thought and the emotions that follow that individual.

For example, you answer a lead from your ICP, which you already know has a profile for your solution. However, he has already had a bad experience with his competitor and is afraid to hire him.

What is acting empathically in this situation?

Rather than pressuring the lead and reinforcing that you can help him, you will start from the same logic in his thinking and show how you can deliver a different experience.

Trait #3: Be emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence can be subdivided into 3 major parts:

  1. Self-awareness: knowing how to observe your own emotions;
  2. Self-control: being able to act regardless of the emotion you are feeling at that moment;
  3. Self-knowledge: knowing your own patterns well, that is, knowing exactly how you feel in some specific situations and acting independently.

In my view this is the most difficult feature to develop. But, nothing is impossible as long as there is focus and determination for you to master it!

Feature #4: Able to communicate well

Communicating well means combining the proper and clear use of words with the ideal voice intonation at every moment of the conversation and a body posture that increases your confidence.

Feature #5: Know very well the product you sell

To make this clear just think: you will have to convince someone that your product is better than your competitor, but how to do that without knowing what sells?


For this, you, the salesperson, must study as much as possible before chatting with a potential customer. And you, the manager or owner of an agency, cannot fail to train and qualify your salespeople.

Without sale there is no company!

How to manage this team?

Here, the presence of a good sales manager makes all the difference. It’s the old thing that behind a great team there is always a great leader!

It is he who will direct, sustain, improve and motivate the team so that even better results are delivered.

The two main lessons to achieve this success are: have an aligned communication with your team and set aside part of your time to dedicate only to your team!

In addition, it is extremely important to monitor the process indicators. Only then will you be able to identify bottlenecks and gain insights into possible improvements.

Each organization will define which metrics to measure, but the volume of leads worked, connections and conversion rates must always be taken into account within a business process.

To make all this work easier, there are some tools that can help you gain more visibility and control over your entire team and process.

Want to learn more about how to get more sales and also teach this to your customers? Tell me I’m available, just call 🙂