Bringing Your Business into the Digital Age

Over the past few decades, the Internet has developed into something that cannot be ignored. Despite this, many businesses have been hesitant to develop an online presence. It is quite simple, however; your business needs to be online to be successful. If you are not online yet, do not worry. Here are a few ways to help your business adjust to the digital age.


Almost every business has a website, but that is not enough anymore. The website you made for your business almost a decade ago is not helping anyone. If a prospective customer sees an outdated website when they look up your business for the first time, they will most likely shop somewhere else. An attractive, up to date, and responsive website will make people interested in your business.

Not only does a fresh website let your business make a good first impression, but it also makes customers want to learn more about your business. If it is easy to browse through your products and services and pleasing to do so, customers will likely to spend time on your website. Creating an engaging and attractive website properly showcases your business’s best products and services.

How people choose a business or store today is drastically different from how people went about it twenty years ago. Instead of flipping through a phone book, driving around town, or calling a friend, people today go online to look up the business or product they need. Make sure that your business has the website it needs to get attention, and get people through your door.


Old advertising methods can be costly. The exorbitant costs to put an advertisement in the newspaper or even mail out physical newsletters to the area are no longer worth your business’s money. Most people will ignore flyers, or even throw them away. It is very difficult and expensive to engage with the consumer with physical advertisements, but there is an easier way: social media.

People spend hours scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and the like so why not have them scroll to your business as well? While it is free to create a social media page, you can also pay a small amount to promote your page. Your business’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media sites can help customers choose you for their needs.

Your business’s social media page also needs engaging content to keep people coming back to your business. Updating a blog for your business engages customers much more than if you were to only tweet a few times a week. Create posts that revolve around your business’s services or products. For example, if you run an auto-repair shop, a post about ways to keep your car running longer would be fitting. The options are endless.

To make sure that your customers see all of your posts, deals, and promotions, email blasts are handy tools for this. In email blasts, people sign up with their email address to receive emails from your business, updating them on whatever you want to distribute. Whether it is your latest sale, blog post, or otherwise, email blasts keep your customers informed.


The consumer of today is substantially different from the consumer of only a decade ago. With the rising popularity of search engines and rating sites like Yelp, people’s opinions and choices are made from what they find online. No longer can businesses use physical advertising to tell the consumer what they want. Consumers are now more informed than ever before, so how do you adapt to this change in the balance of power?

When a customer goes online to review your store, restaurant, or business, they are creating your business’s image. There is no way to control what other people say about your services and products, but there are ways to make sure they have a positive reaction.

Engaging with your consumers online is important to your business’s success. Consistently responding to consumers, whether on your website or your business’s social media page, lets people know that you care about their opinion. Even if someone has an issue with your business, telling them that you will handle their problem is better than letting the customer go unheard.


If an adult does not understand or know about a product or service, who do they turn to? They turn to their teenagers and young people in their life to see what is fresh and new. Studies show that when a parent or elderly person does not know what to purchase, their children and other young people almost exclusively influence their decision. Since youth have an overwhelming purchasing power, it is essential to gain their attention.
Today’s generation searches for businesses with a social media presence and a website with interesting blog posts. For example, a business that provides infographics on how to save money, or great recipes a restaurant posts is more likely to get business than their counterpart that has no online presence.

Marketing to teenagers is a tricky matter. Teenagers want to feel grown up and older than they are. Get their attention by creating a mature yet welcoming environment. Whether it is in your business or on your website, make sure the space feels “grown up” without shutting out teenagers. Your posts should not be overly pedantic, and your advertisements should not make them feel like children.


Now that you have read all of our tips on how to adapt to the digital age, to summarize everything we have covered, remember to:

  1. build your online presence;
  2. engage with your consumer;
  3. make your business interesting. Finally, stay tuned for more articles on how to grow your business through adjusting to the digital age.

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