Google my business for brokers and real estate agents


Google My Business is a free tool that offers numerous benefits, it costs nothing, you can set it up in a few minutes and you can put your real estate business at the top of Google searches. Google my business is made for both real estate and real estate brokers. Learn today how to configure yours!

This information may seem too good to be true, however, they are all real and we will help you configure the main points.

What is Google my business? (And also what he is not!)

Google My Business is a tool (it looks like a website) that helps people find your business, whether you are a self-employed or real estate agent in your city. You can see the tool as an evolution of the phone books. Before the internet and Google, whenever a person needed to buy or rent a property, they had to leaf through newspapers, phone books and pamphlets in search of contacts.

Today, whenever a person does a Google search for a property in a particular region, real estate agent or broker in your city (for example, “real estate agent in Santos”) the first results are usually from brokers and real estate agents who have a page on Google my business.

Using the example of the search above, when you are a broker in the city of Santos and have a Google My Business page, your chances of being among the first results are higher.

Test it yourself, go to Google and search:

  • Realtor [name] in [city]
  • Real estate [name] in [city]

Results of the local search for ImobiBrasil

You will see results like this on the right, this grouping of information is called the “Knowledge Graph”. In short, they are a knowledge base used by Google to provide varied information in boxes that are presented at the time of searches. They are intended to describe and explain an entity’s connection to relevant research. The knowledge base gathers information from various sources to provide more focused and relevant research results.

It is worth noting that Google my business is not a complete website, this means that your website remains vital and complements the information present in Google my business. That is why it is very important that your website is always up to date and with quality images.

Starting your registration

The process to create your profile on Google my business is very simple and straightforward.

  1. Click here and go to the Google my business page
  2. You can use your Google account to create your Profile
  3. Fill in the data with the maximum of detail possible.
  4. Be careful when registering the address, this is the main point of your profile.

Throughout the process, you receive feedback on the progress of your registration.

Verifying your account

Screen to confirm your address

Depending on the situation, Google may request confirmation via phone or physically via a letter, which will be sent directly to the business address.

In the vast majority of cases, letter verification is used, which aims to guarantee your ownership at the address provided. Be aware if your business is in a coworking space, there may be specific rules.

Adding additional information

Add photos of your business

On the Google My Business Dashboard, in the “photos” menu, you can upload your logo image, a cover photo to show your company’s personality, a video (optional), and photos of your company’s interior and exterior.

Here are some recommended dimensions:

  • For your logo the minimum size is 250 x 250 pixels
  • For the cover photo the recommended size is 1080 x 608 pixels

You can still post more photos, such as of your team working, the facilities and additional identity photos.

More features that Google my business offers

Google posts

They allow you to promote offers and services directly through Google Maps and the Knowledge Graph (and even reach people who follow your company).

Google Insights

See and track statistical data on how your business is doing. Use the data obtained to obtain valuable information about your business.

Google reviews

This is probably the most important feature offered, as the generation of quality comments and the response to them have a significant impact on positioning and clickthrough rates.

in short

If all the benefits we listed here weren’t enough, Google recently reported that 46% of all searches have local intentions. However, despite being aware of this information, many brokers and real estate companies are unable to take advantage of the free Google My Business platform.

So, if you are thinking about improving your business positioning or looking for the best ways to increase your presence in your city, start using Google my business right now.