How realtors can enjoy black friday

Black Friday

Most of the properties for sale that are available on the market are constantly in competition with others in the same category. So now is the ideal time for real estate agents to take advantage of the Black Friday wave and try to make special discounts for those looking to acquire their own property. 

There are several ways to boost business and ensure that the activity of the real estate niche does not stop during the period. Taking advantage of the time that the date brings to the sector can be a good way out. The official day of Black Friday in 2016 is November 25th.

Since the end of November 2010, Brazilian companies have started to follow the trend of discounts for burning inventory. Even though here in Brazil the Thanksgiving date is not celebrated, the date ended up becoming a trend and has been heating up the economy and the commercial sectors. In 2015, there was a movement of R $ 1.5 billion in Brazil with Black Friday sales in all sectors.

Expectations for this year

The shaky economic scenario shows that, for some experts, it is a great opportunity, since the “uncertainty” factor can boost sales on Black Friday, as long as the discounts are competitive.

For this year, the market expects a 30% increase in sales during the BF, reaching R $ 2.1 billion. According to a survey conducted by the company Ebit, which measures the popularity of online stores through consumers, 84% of them intend to buy something during the Black Friday period.

Enjoy Black Friday

Offering relevant discounts to consumers is the most practical way for brokers to participate in Black Friday. In the case of real estate companies, it is possible to enter this levada by negotiating the values ​​with the owner. However, in this case the decision is not entirely up to her, which can be a little more difficult to achieve. Therefore, checking other fronts that help in the sale of real estate can be an alternative.

Build partnerships

Take advantage of Black Friday to build partnerships that can bear fruit in the future. Exchanging content, data and disseminating information can also assist in the sale of developments being used as new fronts.

Due to the increase in new active users in the period, one tip is to invest in advertisements on real estate portals. This can have several benefits, even after the discount season. The more people who visit your ad, the greater the chances that they will find the ideal home in your wallet.

Make good ads

During the Black Friday period, which usually extends throughout the month of November, some real estate platforms and websites are able to increase the number of visitors who intend to take advantage of the discounts offered by more than 80%. Even if you or your real estate agent does not make offers, traffic will always be a positive thing for anyone working with this type of business.

To attract the attention of new customers even without offering considerable discounts on properties, invest in a good advertisement on real estate portals. Create a title that draws attention, publish good photos (it is recommended that at least 15 photos are posted for each residence) and make a complete and objective description, always with care not to look like a big professional.

What else to put in the ad?

Some information can be basic and even then, sometimes, are forgotten by the brokers, they are:

• Price of the condominium, if applicable.

• Footage of the private area.

• Number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

• Project infrastructure, such as a barbecue area, swimming pool, party room, balcony, among others.

• Number of parking spaces per apartment.

Real Estate Marketing

Invest in digital marketing tactics that can help, in some way, your sales during Black Friday. Bet on the brand, content and publications on social networks, and email marketing. This can, in addition to bringing recognition to your work, introduce new businesses and engage an even larger audience.

If possible, it is recommended that some discounts are offered during Black Friday for customers who are looking to purchase a property, but even if the possibility does not exist, it is worth taking advantage of the loopholes that the moment offers. Any questions? Leave a comment for us.