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With business today being conducted increasingly on the Internet rather than in person or even over the phone, ambitious entrepreneurs have begun launching their own websites in droves, hoping to capitalize on this new, expanded marketplace for their goods and services.
Indeed, the Internet does offer a wealth of opportunities for your company to grow and expand. Unfortunately, many business owners expect this growth to happen rapidly upon launching a website, and so they are impatient and frustrated when that simply does not happen.
This slow response to a new website can sometimes sour business owners to the whole idea of using the Internet as a marketing tool, but the truth is that instant success in the online marketplace very seldom happens, and it takes time to establish a customer base.
By developing your knowledge and understanding of how the Internet works, you can greatly increase your website’s effectiveness. With effort and a lot of creativity, the dividends will make it well worth it!


Google is a powerful and effective tool if you understand how it connects potential clients with your website. It is not a random selection but a finely-honed algorithm. To use this algorithm to your advantage, you have to increase your SEO.
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is simply the process by which you increase your website’s visibility in a websearch. This means that your website will appear higher on the list when key terms that are relevant to your business are searched by potential clients. For example, if you are a pizza parlor in Trenton, NJ, good SEO means your pizza place will appear at the top of the Google search when a customer searches for “Pizza in Trenton, NJ.”
In order to utilize SEO effectively, you must take great care when selecting your website’s meta descriptions, title, and alt names. These should include keywords that highlight your business’s location, name, and what goods and services you provide. A professional website designer can help you utilize SEO effectively so that Google always brings up your page when keywords connected to your industry are searched.
Google also offers a service called Google Analytics, which you can install on your website. It tracks and monitors all of the activity on your website so that you can monitor things like what search terms brought people to your site, how many people have visited your site, and what parts of your site they looked at and for how long. This can help you tailor your site and your SEO key terms to meet your client’s needs, which will also help you bring in more traffic to your site.


 While there are a number of services that will help increase your SEO and bring you to the top of the search page, most experts agree that it is best not to utilize these services because when you stop paying them, your website will go back to where it was before. For a better and a more long-term solution, build up your SEO through diligent research and data collecting.
It is also important to remember that Google has specific rules about SEO services. You want to always research and respect their policies, otherwise you risk facing a very detrimental penalty if you break them.


One way to accomplish increasing your SEO is by adding content to your site over time. The more relevant content your website has with your specific key terms in it, the more likely your potential customers are to find you. A great way to do this is by having a blog that you update regularly, where you discuss various issues and concerns of the community your business serves.
Social media marketing is also a great way to increase traffic to your website. By having active Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media site pages up and running, you can keep in touch with your customers, let them know about upcoming sales and deals you will be offering, and remind them about your services.
Of course, social media is about more than advertising. It is often used by wise companies to show the Internet-savvy public their fun, playful, and caring side of their business while keeping their business in the forefront of their customer’s minds.


Another great way to increase the overall effectiveness of your website is by making sure your website is mobile-friendly. This is something that is often overlooked by inexperienced business owners who try to launch their own websites, but the fact is most people browse the Internet from their mobile devices.
Using a phone to access the Internet is a totally different experience than using a computer. A poorly-designed website will not fit properly on smaller screens and will be difficult to read and access. Customers will be instantly turned off to your site if it does not work on their phone.


Placing your website in directories or free listings, including ones like Yelp, can also go a long way to helping increase site traffic. Customers can read and leave reviews, and your business will be more likely to come up in a search for relevant key terms.
Another option is AdWords. AdWords is a service provided by Google that allows customers to create their own advertisements, and then have the ad placed near related search content. This targeted marketing is aimed directly at your customers and can go a long way to building website traffic that translates into sales for you.
AdWords can be a little expensive, however, as you pay for each click on the advertisement. Therefore, careful consideration should be taken when deciding whether or not this is the right option for your company.
There are many ways you can make your website effective, starting today! The important thing to remember is to learn and follow these easy SEO guidelines and to seek help from website design experts you trust!


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