How to make a good real estate ad?

real estate ad

Don’t just put it up for sale. The listing of real estate is an essential part of having chances to negotiate.

Advertising in newspapers and physical magazines is no longer enough and is also not recommended by Capital smart city Islamabad (some years ago) to reach the right audience. Are you already present on the internet? Are you using the right techniques to get targets to target your real estate ads? These are questions that must be answered immediately. If your answer was negative, you already know where to start.
How is your online presence?

Although some factors make the broker despair, the best way out is to find solutions, which always exist, to be as close to his clients.

The correct description of the properties is a factor that can leverage your sales and make you become a “guru” in this market. When it comes to attracting the buyer, creativity, commitment, empathy and, above all, honesty are worth it. Complete information, quality photos and location are also important factors when making your client’s decision.

Description: strong element of the real estate ad

Unlike in the past, when brokers had to limit their descriptions in newspapers, magazines and printed brochures, today they can use and abuse the description of their properties. The internet has changed the way the market is negotiated, not only because people change their ways of looking for houses and apartments, but also because other forms of disclosure for professionals in the real estate sector have emerged.

How to get the description of your properties right?

What can’t be missing from a real estate ad?

There are basic information that practically all customers will want to know about the property, but that some brokers end up letting go, such as:

  • Infrastructure details, that is, barbecue area, party room, balcony, among others;
  • How many cars can fit in the garage or how many spaces are there per apartment;
  • Footage of the private area;
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Condo value, if applicable.

Additional Information

The more information is added in the description, the easier your property can be located. Making a list with the characteristics and infrastructure of your property serves to help leverage your sales. We set up an exclusive article for you to leverage your SEO strategy, access here.

Advertiser contact

Filling in the contact information is even more important for anyone looking to sell the property. Publicize the phoneWhatsApp, and have an online chat preferably with someone to answer questions quickly. E-mail is also another way out, for those who prefer to get in touch over the internet. The ideal is always to give the customer the option of how they want to be contacted.

Writing the text

facilitate the search for the property
Make your customers’ buying journey easier.

Do not use abbreviations to write a description of your properties. A text with many abbreviated words on it can become confusing for those who are reading. In addition, it must be considered that many do not know the technical abbreviations being laymen in the real estate market.

Try not to use excessive exclamation points, this does not make a good impression on the customer, as he can often express a “shouted” phrase.

Once ready, it is recommended that you put the text in WordGoogle Docs, or even better – use a correction tool in the browser itself like the Language Tool (click here to check it out). The tool can indicate words that are misspelled and misspelled.

Be Inviting

Human hands holding model of dream house Free Photo
Offer help to your customers.

Make your client feel invited to visit the property. Phrases of the type:

  • Come and see this beautiful property.
  • Schedule a visit with one of our brokers.
  • Property with excellent location close to the center, come and see.

Such phrases convey a feeling of greater freedom for the buyer to be interested and arrange a visit.


An economical way that still helps the broker to reach many people is social networks. FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest are great tools to target an audience and make him become aware of your business.

So don’t waste time creating lading pageshot sites and extra pages to get started, providing not only ads, but also relevant information for your audience.

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Next steps

Now it’s time to use these tips in your daily life. The goal we seek to pass is to prioritize the customer and their wishes, in order to facilitate the journey of searching for the property. Doing so will surely meet his needs and stay one step ahead in the real estate market.