Increase the sale of properties with good practices

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Some aspects can greatly influence the success in the sale of real estates, such as the service provided. The way of researching and acquiring property has changed and, as a result, the way of treating the customer gains more and more importance. The buyer usually already has several information and researches and it is up to the broker to serve him with great care to guarantee the sale.

Good service goes beyond offering real estate and answering questions. The broker deals directly with a person’s dream, so some emotional bonds are effectively formed during trading. When purchasing a home, people seek not only information but also confidence and help so that doubts are clarified. The realtor should make this emotional contribution if he wants to have a growing and loyal customer base.

Check out 5 tips to offer a good service in the sale of real estate, retain customer and have the chance to be indicated to people close to him.

01 – Know your product

Day after day the broker deals with several properties and clients. Therefore, it is almost impossible to decorate all the details regarding all cases and developments. However, it is important to know the property, its weaknesses and strengths and especially what benefits it can offer to those who acquire it.

If necessary, make cards for each house or apartment. It may be a bit of trouble to catalog all of them, but this will be of great use at the time of negotiation since it will inform the client of the details and curiosities found in the neighborhood where the property is located, researched by you. Being well informed gives security to the buyer, who feels special and well attended.

02 – Make good use of the organization

In addition to improving customer service, the organization becomes a high quality professional. With regard to good service, having this characteristic is essential to provide information requested by the customer efficiently and quickly. Without a good organization, the terms, values, characteristics of the properties and even the customers can be confused.

A good alternative may be to invest in calendars, catalog sheets, applications and annotation tools, as well as other ways you prefer to easily find the information you need.

03 – Listen to customers

The broker probably understands more about real estate than the client. However, this should not be spelled out aggressively. In addition to being unpleasant, it makes the professional not pay attention to the most important point, which is to pay attention and understand the needs of the client. There are important questions that must be asked to know the type of property that is appropriate to present to the consumer. Therefore, knowing how to listen is essential to better understand the profile of the consumer.

04 – Be available

Technology has brought agility to many processes and one of the most notable is communication. The instantness of several tools ends up minimizing the patience of customers. Some research indicates that the maximum response time that someone expects is up to 1 day. Therefore, having a good smartphone with access to email, social networks and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram is indispensable.

When contacting a potential customer, ask them what medium they prefer to communicate with. Some people pass the personal email to the broker and do not use it during business hours, others prefer messages in apps rather than calls. In order not to make mistakes, the best way out is to ask.

05 – Recognize the limits

Mobile numbers, WhatsApp and social media profile can be used in the corporate environment as long as you know-how. Even with “such” informality, some care must be taken to maintain professionalism. Do not contact the customer

outside business hours, unless he requests it. Avoid emojis – drawings used to express feelings – slang and inappropriate words. The relationship between you must be based on ethics and professionalism.

Note: When buying a house or apartment you must take into account the procedures to be carried out in order to have all the requirements and expenses generated by the purchase process as followed by nova city.

Performing a good service is important to be recognized in the industry and stand out among the competition. Remember that word of mouth is still very effective in the real estate market and a satisfied customer can be a great spokesperson for you. Any questions? Leave your comment for us.