Internet data that can help when advertising property

property advertising

The internet has become a powerful tool, both for those looking for and those who intend to advertise the property on the internet. However, many industry professionals are still unsure about the effectiveness of online advertising and may risk losing customers who already prefer the media to carry out transactions and find a home to rent or buy more easily.

The digital gains more relevance and importance every day, since the internet brings ease and the possibility of comparing prices for people looking for any type of product or service on the web. Therefore, presenting only the basic information about the developments is also not enough to meet the real needs of users, that is, it is necessary to insert as much data when advertising the property and be creative in the description to stand out.

To be effective in publicizing the developments, it is necessary to understand who the public is looking for a property through the internet, what they want and what the profile of this future client is. With this information in hand, both the ad and the service will be more assertive, with information that is really relevant to the public.

Data about the public that searches for a property on the internet

Some research shows the behavior of people who use the internet to search for properties. Understanding the most used media, user profile and preferred forms of contact, can lead the professional to stand out in the sector, overcoming the competition. Through the infographic below, it is possible to briefly understand the main points of users’ performance in the virtual world.

By dismembering the infographic, it is possible to better understand the information to be analyzed to prospect new customers and serve this audience with excellence when advertising properties online.

Profile of the users to whom you will advertise property

According to data collected by VivaReal, a portal that connects brokers, real estate agents and developers to consumers looking for their dream home, 36% of Internet users looking for properties are between the ages of 25 and 34, that is, they belong to the millennial generation. One of the characteristics of this group of people is the connectivity since they are much of the day connected with the programs and facilities that the internet provides. This further reinforces the idea that it is necessary to advertise property also on the internet.

More than half of consumers (61%) are looking for a property for the first time. Therefore, it is important to answer all customer questions clearly, as they have no experience in the real estate sector and need the assistance of the broker.

Data on available technologies

Smartphones are part of people’s lives every day more. They are used to record videos, take photos of special moments, use as an agenda to keep appointments in mind, talk to people who are distant from us and also perform the function of conducting research, even of enterprises.

According to the study, 98% of users interested in real estate use WhatsApp, 77% have a Facebook account and 71% have smartphones with Android system. On the VivaReal portal, 49% of searches for real estate purchases are carried out through the application for mobile devices, which also shows the relevance of being present in the digital environment.

Contact preference and factors that interfere with the business

Points such as the description, images, title and full address when advertising a property make the broker draw the attention of potential customers to that particular venture. 85% of consumers, consider the price the most important factor to analyze in the negotiation.

Regarding the form of contact, 87% of clients prefer that the real estate professional contact you via email. In addition, they consider it as an “acceptable” time to receive a response on the negotiation, at most, one day. Therefore, it is important that the broker also tries to stay connected.

In addition to producing, it is necessary to follow the real estate advertisement on the internet and this takes a certain time from the broker, but it is worth it. How about starting now to advertise properties and experience all the advantages that the internet can offer? Take advantage of the tips and if you have any questions, leave a comment for us.