Properties for sale: why advertising in january is a good option?

properties for sale

The end of the year is approaching, with that, a new moment arrives for the professionals of the market, mainly for those who work with the properties for sale. Although many judge January as an irrelevant month to advertise developments, as it is a vacation, there are many opportunities in the first month of the year. Many brokers do not know, but the demand for properties in the Blue world city, both for sale and for rent, is high during this period.

Why advertise properties in January?

There is a lot of demand for real estate

January is a month with high demand for real estate. This has been observed for some time, as shown in the image below, with the search peaks located in the first month of the year. The data was taken from Google Trends, a tool that shows the volume of searches performed for a given subject in a period of time.

There are a few reasons why the search for properties for sale or for rent will increase in January:

• Vacation period – After the festive dates of December, many people end up having a few days of rest or even holidays. This means that they have more free time and, thus, those who are interested in acquiring an enterprise, can search more calmly for the home they want.

• Benefits received at the end of the year – In the last month of the year, people generally have an extra income, mainly of 13th salary, share in the company’s profit and bonuses. Such values ​​are an extra “push” to raise the capital needed to enter into a loan or guarantee the possibility of a brief change.

• New Year’s goals – For many, the beginning of the year marks a time to make decisions for changes that will certainly have a major impact on everyone’s life.

The market heats up

Counting from 2014, Brazil has gone through three years of great events, which caused the market to reduce its business since several potential customers were afraid to assume new costs in the budget. The demand for real estate, however, did not cease to exist. People continue to need a new home to live in, whether through marriage, growing up in the family or even declining, leaving their parents’ house or moving to another city. For these and other factors, the market is always reheating.

More visits and contacts on real estate portals Real

estate portals are the preferred platforms for those who want to buy a property or rent one. These platforms gather a large number of properties, have filters that allow you to customize the search and also usually appear in the first results for searches made by users.

The portals also have a significant increase in the number of visitors in the month of January. Just as the number of contacts that are sent to brokers who advertise in this period also increases. Of course, this does not mean that all advertisers who advertise developments on portals observe this increase in the number of contacts received. Only those ads for homes that have a better quality, with a variety of photos, good description and complete information receive more leads.

Competition may decrease

Many of the brokers who work autonomously take advantage of the end and beginning of the year to take a vacation, just as some real estate agents minimize their teams or even paralyze activities. Consequently, they stop advertising properties at this time of year, which is an excellent reason for you to make the most of the month of January to advertise properties on the internet.

Think how negative it is for the consumer to like property and only get the broker’s response after weeks? Many businesses may stop being closed because of this. It takes an average person a month to choose a rental property. So if someone looks for a home in January, they will certainly close the deal only at the end of the month. In the case of sales, this time is even longer. A buyer finds a period of six months “ideal”, from the beginning of the search until the signing of the contract to acquire a property.

Ensure your presence on the internet even during the holiday period, so your chances of giving visibility to your properties increase if you are betting on the right platform. Any questions? Leave a comment for us.