Tips to attract more customers for the sale of real estate


One of the most important tasks in the real estate market is the prospecting of customers since the demand for purchase and rent always exists, but the challenge is to find the right customers at the right times. For this reason, having awareness, enthusiasm and discipline is essential to operate in a market as competitive as the property for rent and sale available. However, nothing will help if there is no planning, adequate resources and efficient methods. But then, how to prospect customers in the real estate market? We have separated some tips for you.

Plan prospecting

Having good language is no longer enough to be successful in transactions. Today, consumers are more and surer of what they want, just as competition is fierce with each passing day. By making a brief survey, it is possible to make your prospecting effective.

Target Audience

Who are your potential customers? It is necessary to identify these people: social class, income, age, profession, habits, among other characteristics. Also, know where to find potential customers. Conduct referral surveys, both offline and online.


Identify what your prospect wants to buy or rent. It’s one thing to negotiate a one-bedroom apartment, another to sell a triplex penthouse, for example. Therefore, also think about the particularities of each property and define what type of development you will offer and be prepared to show it to the client.


Understand that the sale or lease of real estate goes through several steps before it is completed. The purpose of the call, for example, is to schedule a visit. The visit, in turn, serves to present the property. The presentation of the property will help the broker to arouse the desire of the consumer to offer a proposal. Keeping in mind what the purpose of each step is is a big step towards completing transactions.

Explore other channels

After prospecting planning, it’s time to start taking action. At that point, the real estate agent or realtor should explore all the methods and channels available. The prospecting channels end up being complementary to each other and the practice can improve the execution of the other tasks of the broker.

Cold calling

The term “cold call” means, in other words, the act of calling a potential customer who has probably never heard of you or the real estate company and trying to convince him that your ventures can be a good solution for him.

Although old, this method can still be effective and successful, if done properly. Some tips are:

• Have an original and effective script to be based on.

• Get a good list of contacts.

• Don’t just call to offer real estate, but also to listen to the “pain” of the consumer in relation to housing.

• Find the right time to make the calls.

Cold visiting

The “cold visit” is also another method used in the real estate market: the famous “knocking on doors”. This method, although not as effective today, leaves the challenge for the broker who can find the right client. With appropriate techniques, the results can be worth the effort. Some tips are:

• Look good when visiting customers.

• Combine other methods such as asking for recommendations or trying to activate networking

• Have materials on hand to present or leave with the client, such as brochures, business cards and even catalogs of the projects.

Events & Events

Real estate events are great opportunities for prospecting new customers, whether in an active or receptive way, such as fairs, workshops, lectures, seminars, etc. The ConectaImobi event, held by the VivaReal portal annually, is a great opportunity to start having the habit of visiting events like this. Some tips to enjoy these moments are:

• Have a calendar with important events that are going to happen in the real estate sector.

• At the event, don’t be shy and make as many contacts as you can, without wasting too much time.

• Invite colleagues, friends, partners and customers to multiply your relationships.

• Bring lots of business cards to exchange at the event.

• After the event, prepare some actions to be carried out with the contacts and comply with everything on the list.


Your stay in offices, in the real estate and especially in sales stands where homes are being built can be a good receptive channel, with the broker available to clients who are interested in visiting the property and knowing a little more about the home. Some tips to enjoy the shift are:

• Be prepared to present the property, even if it is under construction.

• Study the models to leave no doubt in the consumer’s mind.

• Maintain alignment with other brokers, if any, to avoid commissions conflicts.

• Use your free time to prospect via the internet and phone.

Attracting customers to make the sale of real estate or even leasing is one of the challenges of the broker, but by following some guidelines such as those given above, it is possible to facilitate their work. Content production, online presence on digital networks and email marketing campaigns can be effective methods. Was there any doubt on how to attract clients in the real estate market like blue world city ? Leave a comment for us.