Yes, your site remains the best investment even in times of coronavirus


Have you ever thought about how your real estate business will be after the pandemic is over? Do you have a plan for how you will continue to nurture your lead list in the short term? In this article we will answer these questions and give you some tips on how to keep your business moving in the long run.

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Everyone is online

The trend is that these numbers will continue to increase

Based on data from the National Union of Telephone and Cellular Mobile Service Companies (SindiTelebrasil), since the middle of March, which marked the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil, an average increase of around 30% in traffic was recorded.

Knowing this, many companies have profiles on social networks, but a good part of them do not have websites. Now many of these companies are thinking “What if I started my website a year ago …”

Help your customers

Because? A website is the only place where you can concentrate all your assets and make them available in an easy and practical way. This allows your customers and leads to access real estate dataphotos and more. Imagine that you can have relevant news in addition to real estate, pages with tips for buying and renting, adding links to other digital services that your real estate company offers, contacts in real time… This list could continue for a few more paragraphs, but we have other articles here Blog to recommend you.

How to generate leads during the crisis

What has changed is the vehicle.

Even with everything that is happening around us, brokers and real estate agents cannot stop and are open for business. Whether to establish your brand, nurture leads that are not in your funnel, continue to reach previous customers and, yes, since we touch on the subject, generating leads and real estate assets are critical at the moment. What has changed is the vehicle. How do you reach, how do you get involved, what topics do you decide to address more now than ever before.

At the beginning of the month we made a very cool article that addresses exactly this topic, you can add it to your reading list.

Do not disable or take down your site

Your website can’t stop

The most important tip that we can give at this moment is to avoid at all costs the total deactivation of your site, we will explain below the reasons. In addition, Google recently released a statement warning that disabling a site can harm its search rankings even when it is only a few days off.

If your current situation prevents you from doing some real estate work temporarily, in that case we recommend keeping your website online and limiting functionality. For example, you can place a popup or banner alerting your visitors to new opening hours, new methods of physical access to properties, rules for signing documents, among others. Your website will remain online and with relevant information that will help your customers.

This way everyone can access their properties and plan how the negotiation will be. We emphasize that this is an important moment since several surveys indicate that a part of the population decided to wait for the purchase of the property, but only a small percentage gave up on the purchase. So this is a crucial period for your properties to be online and available for research.

What happens if I deactivate my site?

Losing positioning is not an option

At first, your customers won’t know what’s going on with your business if they can’t find it online. Access to information such as contact numbers, physical address and opening hours will be more difficult to find or obtain officially. This may end up leading you to depend on third parties to provide this data (list sites, address books, social networks).

This leads us to affirm that – information from third parties may not be correct, up-to-date or comprehensive as that which you could provide on your website and this may affect the purchase decision.

When your site is online, several robots that scour the internet for relevant information regularly access it to determine its position in search engines. What happens if your site is not online at the time it is analyzed? In a nutshell, it loses positioning and will continue to lose positioning until it is removed from searches (deindexed) if it is not reactivated.

The recovery of lost positioning after a long period of deactivation is much more difficult if your site has been de-indexed. Well, it will be as if it were a new website trying to win positions on numerous fronts. In addition, there is no exact deadline for this to occur and no guarantee that the site will have the same positioning as before.

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