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Have you ever stopped to think about how Google reviews work and how they can positively impact your real estate? In this article we will explore in detail how Google’s ratings and reviews help real estate and real estate agents achieve great results.

What are Google ratings?

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Today, it’s practically the same name to search for a company on Google to see their ratings, comments and replicas. Going back a few years ago in 2008, such functionality did not exist integrated in the search and Google depended on external sources to evaluate companies.

When the functionality was integrated with searches later that year, several studies were conducted to analyze the impact of evaluations on the customer’s purchase decision or choice.

One of these studies from 2018 found that user ratings of your brand or product have a higher impact compared to other placement factors.

If you noticed, we sometimes quote Google my business in this article and this happens because it aggregates your company’s reviews and displays when your brand is searched on Google in local searches or not. For more information, we have a guide with everything you need to know about Google my business.

How to create a review link the right way?

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Your customers can evaluate your company in several ways, we list below:

  • Through its location on Google Maps.
  • Through the search on the Google my business dashboard.
  • Sending an evaluation link.

To optimize your number of reviews and help your customers when evaluating your company, it is important to generate an evaluation link. It will provide your customers with easy and direct access to your review page.

Remember that you want good reviews from customers who have received exceptional service or fulfilled a dream with your help, but with more than 3 steps beyond looking for evaluation buttons on an interface they’ve never seen, your customers will likely give up.

To generate an evaluation link is very easy:

  1. Go to your Google My Business management dashboard. LINK
  2. Look for the “get more ratings” card, it is on the home page.
  3. Click on the link that appears.
  4. Save to a place to easily send to your customers.

How to ask your customers for a 5-star rating?

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The most important point is – ask your customers to rate your business on Google. Asking your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on Google is a simple request and one that will surely be gladly answered. The problem is that many companies do not ask.

The idea of ​​not asking for evaluations for your business today is disconcerting, knowing the impact this has on your reach and authority, but very common. It is important to put together a list and invite some customers to evaluate your business or service.

Enjoy while your customer has your service in mind

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The best time to ask for reviews is immediately after you have provided your products or services. They still have fresh memories of the experience and benefits they have had. By combining your strategies with a pre-selection you have the control that your customers are happy and are more likely to leave a 5 star rating.

Set weekly goals

Set assessment goals for your team to meet in a given period. It is not necessary to start with absurd goals, start trying to get a new assessment every week.


The goal of any company is to have satisfied customers, so it is essential to keep track of those who have had business relationships with you recently. So tracking requests for reviews on your customers’ experience can greatly increase your Google ratings.

It is normal for your customers to be busy the moment you asked for an evaluation, leave it for later and end up forgetting. This does not mean that they were not happy or did not want to evaluate your company. It just means that they need to be remembered. So follow and crave Google’s 5-star reviews.

How to Optimize Your Ratings

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Ratings are great and comments are even better, but the tips below can help you further optimize your authority and positioning.

  • Ask your customers to go beyond the basic “clicking on the stars” assessment, to have them write a brief comment about what the experience was like and why they recommend your business.
  • Encourage the use of appropriate keywords in your assessments, preferably with the terminology your company uses. For example, your place of business, purposes, and types of properties sold, among others.
  • Encourage the use of positive words Encourage customers to use phrases with a positive connotation in their comments, rather than words with a negative connotation, as Google uses “sentiment analysis” algorithms to try to determine whether a comment is positive or negative.

To recap

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We hope this article has helped you or your real estate agency to see Google reviews in a new light and how getting 5-star reviews from Google is an important business strategy. It can be an important way to advertise.

Just make sure you set up the process properly, use it consistently and don’t forget to monitor and respond.